Dear Philadelphia Area Schools,

We would like to invite your school to participate in the first Philadelphia Area School Table Tennis Invitational (PHASTT Invitational), on Saturday, February 20th.…

2014 Tournament Results

Thanks to everybody who participated in last weeks tournament!
We had a larger turnout this year, with 6 schools participating (George School, Westtown School, Germantown Friends School, Friends Central School, Germantown Academy and High School of Engineering and Science).…


Thanks for a great tournament on Saturday!
The winners were:

Tong Pow (Singles winner)
Tong Pow (Singles winner)

Tong Pow and Chris Fifty (Doubles Winners)
Tong Pow and Chris Fifty (Doubles Winners)

The results of the tournament were as follows:
1st: Tong Pow (Westtown School)
2nd: Tristen Pankake (Westtown School)

1st: Chris Fifty and Tong Pow (Westtown School)
2nd: Henry Burke and Tristen Pankake (Westtown School)
3rd: Alison Ke and Jeremy Strockoz (Germantown Academy)
4th: Can Yuzuguzel (Westtown School) and Michael Shangguan (Germantown Academy)
5th: Anand Butler and Satya Butler (Germantown Friends School)
6th: Jeremy Middleman and Morris Saxe-Smith (Germantown Friends School)

I hope to see some of you again next year!…



Here is a list of everything you will need for the tournament on Saturday:

  • Lunch-there are some vending machines at the table tennis center if you want to get a drink or snack from one of those, but I recommend that you pack a lunch so that you don’t get hungry, we will be playing through lunch and the best time to eat will probably be between matches.

Current Player List

Germantown Academy:

  • Alison Ke (singles and doubles)
  • Jeremy Strockoz (singles and doubles)
  • Michael Shangguan (singles)
  • Sammy Slutsky (singles)
  • Michael Hanamirian (singles)

Westtown School:

  • Chris Fifty (singles)
  • Henry Burke (singles and doubles)
  • Tristen Pankake (singles and doubles)
  • Tong Pow (singles)
  • Amos Newswanger (singles)
  • Can Yuzuguzel (singles)

Germantown Friends School:

  • Morris Saxe-Smith (singles and doubles)
  • Jeremy Middleman (singles and doubles)
  • Dimitri Diagne (doubles)
  • Neil Singh(singles and doubles)
  • Anand Butler (doubles)
  • Satya Butler (doubles)
  • David Sneed (singles)
  • Felipe Sanz de Acedo (singles)

If any of these names are incorrect or if your name is missing, please email me.…


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