Current Player List

Germantown Academy:

  • Alison Ke (singles and doubles)
  • Jeremy Strockoz (singles and doubles)
  • Michael Shangguan (singles)
  • Sammy Slutsky (singles)
  • Michael Hanamirian (singles)

Westtown School:

  • Chris Fifty (singles)
  • Henry Burke (singles and doubles)
  • Tristen Pankake (singles and doubles)
  • Tong Pow (singles)
  • Amos Newswanger (singles)
  • Can Yuzuguzel (singles)

Germantown Friends School:

  • Morris Saxe-Smith (singles and doubles)
  • Jeremy Middleman (singles and doubles)
  • Dimitri Diagne (doubles)
  • Neil Singh(singles and doubles)
  • Anand Butler (doubles)
  • Satya Butler (doubles)
  • David Sneed (singles)
  • Felipe Sanz de Acedo (singles)

If any of these names are incorrect or if your name is missing, please email me.

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