Tournament Details


The tournament will take place at the The Trolley Car Table Tennis Center, located in the basement of One Falls Center, 3300 Henry Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19129. Please go to Location for a map and for detailed directions on how to reach the specific location of the Trolley Car Table Tennis Center.


The date is Saturday, April 25, 2015.


9 am to 1pm.


  • Each school can enter up to 5 students. The method used for choosing these 5 students is up to each individual school. If more than 5 students wish to play, please email us at us first and we will see if we have enough space to accomodate.
  • There will be 2 events, 1 singles event and 1 doubles event. Schools are permitted to have their 5 players participate in any combination of doubles and singles events, with a maximum of 3 singles players. (ie. 3 singles players and 1 doubles team or 1 singles player and 2 doubles teams). CHANGE AS OF 02/12/2013: Students are now permitted to double enter and can participate in BOTH the singles and doubles events if they so choose to.
  • All students will be expected to follow USATT rules. These rules can be found online by clicking “USATT Rules” in the following webpage: We have also written up our own summary here of the basic rules that everybody should know for both singles and doubles.
  • All students will be expected to play with ITTF approved table tennis paddles (if the paddle is approved, it should say so on the rubber on the paddle with an ITTF symbol).
  • We will supply the table tennis balls but your students must bring their own paddles.

Sign Up:

To sign up your school’s team either email us or go to the Sign Up page and fill out the form, providing the name of your school, the names of all your players, and whether they are playing in the singles or doubles event.

Once again, I would like to emphasize that this tournament is open to ALL LEVELS of experience. We would love to have anybody who has curiosity or a desire to play table tennis!


We have identified a sponsor who is willing to pay the club fees for all the players.

What you need to bring

  • Lunch and drinks for your team (there is a vending machine at the table tennis club with some selection of drinks and snacks).
  • Your own table tennis paddles.