Dear Philadelphia Area Schools,

We would like to invite your school to participate in the first Philadelphia Area School Table Tennis Invitational (PHASTT Invitational), on Saturday, February 20th. 2016


Everybody is welcome.  All  levels of experience are permitted, whether your school has curious students who have never played table tennis before, or students who have been playing for years, we are happy to have you!


My name is Max Fralic and I am a 10th grader at Germantown Academy.  I am the president of the table tennis club at my school and I thought it would be fun to have a tournament between the high schools that our school plays in other sports.


Table Tennis is extremely underrepresented as a sport in the United States, and we think it could be a great opportunity for more kids to experience a new sport.  It is a sport that attracts and brings together all age groups, genders and ethnicities and allows them to play together.  Competitive events do not have to be separated by age or gender as that does not affect ones skill.  It is a sport one can play for most of their life.


We hope many of you this summer noticed that in the London 2012 Summer Olympics, Table Tennis was one of the sports.  It has been an Olympic sport for the past seven summer Olympics.  In the London 2012 Summer Olympics this past summer, countries from all over the world competed in Table Tennis, including the United States, China, Russia, Sweden, Germany, and countless other countries.  There were a total of 174 athletes from 57 different countries that competed in table tennis during the London 2012 Summer Olympics.


We are in the process of organizing a tournament between many of the Philadelphia Independent High Schools and we hope that you can participate.


We would appreciate it if you could tell us whether your school is able to participate by Friday, January  21st, 2016.


The Details are as Follows:



Mr. Weinstein has been kind enough to allow us to use his club, the Trolley Car Table Tennis Center, which has 7 tables available for us to play on.


The address is as follows:

1 Falls Center

330 Henry Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19129

Phone: 267-335-2743




The date is Saturday, February 20th, 2016.



We have reserved the club from 9 am to 1pm.



  • Each school can enter up to 5 students.  The method used for choosing these 5 students is up to each individual school.
  • There will be 2 events, 1 singles event and 1 doubles event.  Schools are permitted to have their 5 players participate in any combination of doubles and singles events, with a maximum of 3 singles players.  (ie. 3 singles players and 1 doubles team or 1 singles player and 2 doubles teams).
  • All students will be expected to follow USATT rules.  These rules can be found online by clicking “USATT Rules” in the following webpage:

  • All students will be expected to play with ITTF approved table tennis paddles (if the paddle is approved, it should say so on the rubber on the paddle with an ITTF symbol).
  • We will supply the table tennis balls but your students must bring their own paddles.


Once again, I would like to emphasize that this tournament is open to ALL LEVELS of experience.  We would love to have anybody who has curiosity or a desire to play table tennis!


What are we asking you to do?

  • To just inform your students of this opportunity and if you so choose to, encourage participation as well.
  • Please let me know by January 20th, 2016 as to whether your school is interested in participating and are willing to try to recruit kids.
  • Identify a maximum of 5 players from your school.  Please email the names of the participants from your school to me at by January 25th, 2016.


**If you cannot make any of these deadlines for whatever reason, please contact us at the email provided above, and we will try to figure out an alternative option.**


Cost: We have identified a sponsor who is willing to pay the club fees for all the players.  We ask that your students bring their own food and drinks.


We look forward to hearing from you.  We think this will be a fun and exciting event for all of us.  We hope to see you there!

Thank you!


-Max Fralic

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